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Grade 5 Science Semester 1 Final Review

T. James L

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1.water vapour changing into liquid
6.a measure of the way the surface of a mineral reflects light
7.a scientist who studies weather conditions
13.rock that has changed as a result of heat and pressure (2 Words)
14.finding uses for things instead of throwing them away
18.an area where air or liquid spins in circles
19.energy that the Sun gives off (2 Words)
20.part of soil made up of decayed plant and animal remains
21.a storm whose winds blow faster than 62 Km/h
25.rock that forms from cooled molten rock (2 Words)
28.liquid water changing into water vapour
30.a storm with wind speeds of at least 119 Km/h
31.a tool that measures air pressure
32.a natural, nonliving solid crystal that makes up rocks
33.a shape or natural feature found on Earth’s surface
34.a landform with an opening out of which lava pours from
2.a storm whose winds have reached a speed of 61 Km/h
3.the amount of water vapour in the air
4.the area where two air masses meet
5.rock that forms when layers of sediment particles harden (2 Words)
8.the sudden movement of plates that makes Earth’s crust shake
9.made from the remains of organisms that lived long ago (2 Words)
10.water in any form that falls to Earth
11.a rise in sea level caused by the winds of a hurricane
12.a break or crack in rocks where Earth’s crust can move
15.a tool that measures wind speed
16.the efficient use of resources
17.the laying down of pieces of Earth’s surface after erosion
22.the point on the Earth’s surface above the spot where plates move
23.mineral rich rock removed from Earth
24.physical or chemical process by which rocks slowly break down
26.the process of moving weathered rock
27.the eroded material that settles at the bottom of lakes, rivers, and oceans
29.a spinning column of air that touches the ground

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