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Column 2, student 2


1 2           3 4
7   8 9          
11 12  
15       16            
        18   19  

2.not inside a building
5.(c)an official rule or order
6.(nc)an arrangement with a shop, bank etc that allows you to buy something and pay for it later
8.(nc+c)a building where people are kept as a punishment for a crime, or while they are waiting to go to court for their trial
10.almost no
13.(nc)the process of comparing two or more people or things
14.(nc)communication with a person, organization, country etc
16.(c)something is what it is intended to achieve
18.(int+tr)to receive a particular amount of money for the work that you do
20.in or into a container or other closed space so as to be completely covered or surrounded [≠ outside]
21.(nc)a belief in one or more gods
1.small and not very important or serious, especially when compared with other things
3.present or being used now
4.(c)something that you give or do in order to help something be successful
5.(c)a system of tracks along which trains run, or a system of trains
7.(nc)a hard black mineral which is dug out of the ground and burnt to produce heat
9.(c)a line of things or people next to each other
11.(c)part of a play during which there is no change in time or place
12.(int)to become impossible to see any longer
13.something that tests strength, skill, or ability, especially in a way that is interesting
14.(nc+c)a very serious disease in which cells in one part of the body start to grow in a way that is not normal
15.(tr)to give someone something or allow them to have something that they have asked for
17.involving two or more people or groups, or owned or shared by them
19.(c)the structure that covers or forms the top of a building, vehicle, tent etc

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