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1 2 3               4   5 6 7
    8   9                
  10   11                                        
13               14                     15                    
  16   17                                                              
    18     19  
  21             22                                                
  26                                                           27     28      
29                                                     30          
      31             32
33                                       34            
36 37                     38          
  40             41
42   43                   44                      
  45                                         46            
48                                                           49              
      50                               51            
52         53                                   54                  
55                         56            

3.From this time on. / 1
9.If something happens _____, it happens again after happening many times or too many times before, especially if this is surprising or annoying. / 2
10.To accuse someone when you think they are likely to be guilty but you do not have any proof / 4
12.To accept someone’s plans and suggestions and do everything they want you to do. / 3
13.Very hot and uncomfortable, and without enough air for you to breathe properly. / 1
14.To have an advantage over someone, especially someone who is fighting against you or who does not agree with you / 4
17.To agree to do something because many people want you to, even though you do not want to do it / 5
20.to admire and respect someone very much / 7
21.to publicly object to a plan or action. / 5
23.To give someone a slight advantage, for example in a competition or election / 4
24.to realize that a new idea or suggestion is important and that it needs to be thought about seriously / 3
25.In a more advanced position than other organizations, companies, etc, in developing and using new methods, systems, equipment, etc / 5
26.Used when you are strongly advising someone to do something, especially because they may have trouble if they do not do it. / 7
29.to try to make people interested in a book you have written, a film you are appearing in, etc, for example by mentioning it in a TV or radio conversation when you are supposed to be talking about something else. / 6
31.Book, film, play etc that continues the story of an earlier one, usually written or made by the same person. / 1
33.If something is _____, it is so new and different that people do not understand or like it at first, but later realize how good it is / 5
35.To add something to what you have already said or written, especially something you consider to be less important / 2
37._____ relationships are ones in which people are friendly and helpful to one another. / 1
39.to try to make people think that something is much better than it really is, by repeatedly advertising it, saying it is the best one of its kind, etc. / 2
42.Someone who is _____ towards a person, organization, plan, or idea dislikes and disagrees with them very strongly, and expresses this in a very angry or unpleasant way. / 1
44.a lot of excited attention from the newspapers, radio, and television. / 1
45.To have an advantage over others in a particular activity, especially because you started doing it before them / 4
46.To be of the same opinion as someone else. / 2
48.To accept someone's offer to do something for you, especially some time after the offer was made / 5
49.Happening after a particular action or event, especially as a result of it. / 1
50.To act the most important part in a play or film / 3
51.To fill something with air to make it large and firm. / 2
52.A British word meaning to do a formal written examination again because you have failed it. / 1
53.Using the most advanced and recently-developed methods, materials, or knowledge / 1-1-1-1
54.To respect and admire someone who is older than you or in a position of authority / 3
55.To admire and love someone so much that you cannot see any faults in them / 1-1
56.Used in formal writing, meaning from. / 2
1.Make a compromise with someone. / 3
2.To add something to a mixture / 2
4.To have a strong advantage in a competition, election, etc so that you are very likely to win / 7
5.to perform with too much emotion or movement / 3
6.To have all the qualities that are likely to give you an advantage over others and make you succeed in whatever you decide to do / 5
7.A word used especially in the American legal system meaning to officially accuse someone of a crime or an offence, so that they will be judged in a court of law / 1
8.To have an advantage over others because you are young, have a lot of experience, etc / 7
11.A formal or technical word meaning to blow something up. / 1
15.An informal word meaning to advertise a new product very heavily, with a lot of advertisements. / 1
16.To add a good quality to something, for example by making it more interesting, attractive, or enjoyable / 1
18.the activity of trying to make people think that a new book, film, record, etc is much better than it really is. / 1
19.To agree to stop demanding that someone must obey you or saying that your position in an argument must be right / 2
22.To do a written examination or other kind of test, such as a driving test, again because you have failed it or because you have not done well enough. / 1
27.To agree to something. / 2
28.To admire a person or their abilities very much, especially because they have special skills or very high standards in their work / 5
30.To strongly advise someone to do something because you think it is very important. / 1
32.To agree with someone or have the same opinion as them. / 1
34.To have all the advantages that give you power when you are trying to persuade someone in an argument / 4
36.An accident that does not have very serious results, especially one caused by someone making a mistake / 1
38.To admire someone very much, especially because they do their job very well and always work hard / 3
40.To agree with someone’s plans and suggestions because there is nothing else you would prefer to do, or because you want to please them. / 3
41.To act the part of someone in a way that gives a particular -idea of their character / 1
43.After a particular event or time, meaning afterwards. / 1
47.A room or building that is _____ does not have enough fresh air, often because it is small or there are too many people in it. / 1

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