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Genetic terms

Dr Toohey

Use Chapter 19 of Yr 11 HBS textbook to complete.

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4.a square used to determine possible offspring of mating between two genotypes
5.offspring formed by breeding two homozygous parents
8.Not related to the X and Y chromosomes
9.Two different alleles together within an individual
10.the physical form of an individual as an expression of their genotype
12.condensed form of DNA containing many genes
15.Both alleles equally expressed in phenotype
17.More than two alleles from a trait but only one locus
18.a lesser used term for heterozygous individauls
19.the offspring of a mating pair
20.Organism that produce the same traits in many generations of inbreeding (2 Words)
1.location of a gene on a chromosome
2.Neither allele fully expressed creating an additional phenotype (2 Words)
3.the genetic make up of an individual, will affect the phenotype
6.Both alleles are the same
7.many possible phenotypes resulting from many alleles at certain locus
9.term used instead of heterozygous or homozygous in sex-linked traits in males
11.a characteristic of an individual
13.length of DNA that codes for a particular protein
14.Found on either the X or Y chromosomes
15.people who have a recessive allele but do not show the trait
16.A form of a gene which is either dominant or recessive

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