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The Family

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5.Range of family types in society
6.The legal termination of a marriage
9.One or more people living in a dwelling
10.An alternative to traditional family life usually associated with groups
13.Also known as a step-family
17._____ of passage. A ritual that denotes a child passing into adulthood
21.A key function of the family
23.One woman married to more than one man
24.The type of family where roles are shared
25.When the old suffer discrimination because of their age
26.Having more than one husband or wife at the same time
1.Identified the functional prerequisities of families
2.The type of extended family that has little or infrequent contact between family members
3.Believes that childhood has disappeared
4.One man married to more than one woman
7.Man and woman living together without the legal recognition of their relationship
8.Conjugal roles that are clearly split and often unequal
11.A family made up of two generations normally parents and dependent children
12._________ violence - abuse that takes place within the family
14.Growth of urban areas as people migrate to them
15.The legally recognised union usually between a man and a woman
16.An inter-generational vertically extended family
18.__________ and Young (1957) studied families in East London
19.Only having one husband or wife at the same time
20.The family is focused around men
22.Althusser believes that the family is an __________ state apparatus

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