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Principles of Hair Design


Milady 2012 Chapter 14

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1.repeating lines in a hairstyle; straight or curved
4.the creation of unity in a design the most important of the art principles.
8.lines parallel to the floor; create width in design
13.outline of the face, head, or figure seen in a side view
16.the mass or general outline of a hairstyle. It is 3 dimensional and has length, width, and depth
17.neither convex nor concave, considered the ideal
19.two halves of a style; form a mirror image of one another
20.Establishing equal or appropriate proportions to create symmetry (height to weight)
21.a hairstyle with only one line, such as the one length hairstyle
22.focus; the place in a hairstyle where the eye is drawn first before traveling to the rest of the design
23.the area surrounding the form or the area the hairstyle occupies
2.Established when two imaginary halves of a hairstyle have an equal visual weight, but the two halves are positioned unevenly.
3.a regular pulsation or recurrent pattern of movement in a design
5.the comparative relation of one thing to another, the harmonious relationship among parts or things
6.usually curved lines that are used to blend and soften horizontal or vertical lines
7.curving inward; prominent forehead and chin, with the other features receded inward.
9.curving outward; receding forehead and chin
10.wave patterns that must be taken into consideration when designing a style
11.lines moving in a circular or semi circular direction used to soften a design
12.horizontal & vertical lines that meet at a 90-degree, creating a hard edge
14.lines positioned between horizontal and vertical lines.
15.lines that are straight up and down; creates length and height in hair design
18.fringe area; triangular section that begins at the apex, or high point of the head, ends at the front corners

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