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The Water Cycle & Atmospheric Conditions


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2.the environmental processes that change water from one form to another
6.stratus clouds that are very close to the ground
10.liquid water precipitation
11.the process of water entering and passing through (infiltrating) the soil
12.water vapor given off by plant photosynthesis
13.to change from a solid to a gas
14.water that is not absorbed by soil or rock and flows downhill
1.water which falls from clouds as rain, sleet snow or hail
3.the change of a liquid into a vapor
4.the water beneath the surface of the ground; source for springs and wells
5.to filter through a porous substance
7.precipitation which is melted and refreezes over and over again before it finally falls to the ground
8.the process of warm air cooling as it rises and releasing moisture int he form of a liquid
9.a form of precipitation that melts and refreezes
13.frozen water precipitation which does not melt as it falls

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