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1.a positon that usually controls the centre of the field.
7.a accurate pass usually for short distances
10.a free taken at the hash on the goaline of the D when the ball hits the oppositions foot inside your attacking D
11.a position that attacks and defends on the sides of the centre of the ground
1.a position that usually scores many goals and is a forward player.
2.a position that usually defends on the wings.
3.a positon that usually needs two players and are the main defender. (except for the goalie)
4.taken when the opposition team hits the ball over your defending goaline.
5.a shot at goal or pass, taken usually with a cricket sweep like swing.
6.a free taken at the hash on the sideline of the field. this free is taken when the ball goes over your attacking goaline when the ball has last touched the opposition team.
8.a shot at goal or a pass, taken usually with a golf like swing.
9.a position that attacks on the side of the field

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