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Nursing Today

Lexie Williams

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1.nurse specializing in the care of school-age children
8.an RN who has advanced educational and clinical practice requirements beyond the basic 2 to 4 years
11.a nurse specializing in the care of a specific group of workers in a given occupational setting
13.a nationally certified nurse with advanced specialized education who assists women and couples during pregnancies, deliveries, and postdelivery periods
14.nurses in charge of all activities on their units
15.nurses with master's degrees in specialized areas of nursing
17.a nurse who combines nursing science with information management science and computer science to make the information accessible
18.collaboration with patients, their significant others, and their health care providers to coordinate cost-effective and high-quality services
19.a nurse with advanced education who specializes in the health care of a particular group
20.places where those who visit are outpatients and depart after treatment on the same day
21.specialized nursing care provided to patients at the end of life, aimed at a comfortable and dignified death
2.a nationally certified nurse with advanced education who specializes in the administration of anesthesia
3.a nurse who engages in a business undertaking related to health care or nursing
4.a system where nurses may work at times other than the traditional hospital shifts
5.another name for nursing homes
6.the delivery of nursing care services and related health care activities through telecommunication technology
7.multiple-step program that begins with entry-level staff nurse positions
9.a nurse who focuses on the promotion of health within the context of the values, beliefs, and practices of a church
10.a nurse with an advanced degree who serves as a resource person to other nurses and often provides direct care to patients or families with difficult problems
12.the number of days a patient stays in an inpatient setting
16.self-determination or control over one's own professional practice

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