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Unit 4 Edexcel a2 geography

1 2 3                 4 5
    6 7 8                                    
9                       10    
            11       12
  13                                   14  
          15     16                    
20                                     21  
    22                     23                
24 25             26          
    27                       28          
29 30                          
      33                             34      
40                     41                      
        42                   43
46                               47 48        
  49   50                                    
55                       56                    
57                                 58                

3.A secondary hazard of earthquake associated with snow and cliffs
8.Andesitic or Rhyoilic , high silica and viscosity , subduction , rare
9.A point on a hazard profile, how widespread
11.Organisation that published the magnitude death toll graph
13.2.6 density , light , 35-40km , 1500m years + , type of crust
15.3 density , dark , 6-10km , 200m years -, type of crust
17.The deepness of this effects the intensity of ground shaking in an earthquake
18.Source of information that scored, causes 2 impacts 3 responses 0
20.A point on a hazard profile, how quick
22.In the asthenosphere moves plates
26.Slow molten rock that can be prevented with hard engineering
27.An approach to living in hazardous areas accepting that there are risks but believing benefits outweigh them
30.The continent with the highest number of earthquakes
31.Ground shaking , most
32.Source of information that scored, causes 0 impacts 1 responses 3
33.Material with a high water content looses its structure and begins to behave like a liquid
36.Kill and burn e.g. Mt Pinatubo
38.A problem with hazard profiles inclusion
39.The source for the table that determines volcano explosivity
40.Narrow buildings and inlets funnel and increase height , low lying flat land little use , shallow coasts increase height arrived second deep coasts small height arrives second
42.Saturated rock fall , Mt St Helens , secondary
44.Exceeds local capacity to cope and results in a request for international aid
45.The number of earthquakes each year with the potential to cues physical damage
46.Partially melted a liquid that flows in a semi molten state
48.A problem with hazard profiles lack of description
49.Basaltic lava , low silica and viscosity , no subduction , frequent eruptions , none explosive
51.Endangers life or property
52.Continental continental convergent , fold mountain
53.A problem with hazard profiles influenced
54.Deep trench deep focus plate rects with magma to form high silica
55.Uppermost mantle and crust solid and rigid separated in to plates
56.A point on a hazard profile, occurrence
57.People effected by the disastr but because of a ore existing health condition
58.These types of waves are right angle
59.Intra- plate localised areas of high heat flow and thin crust
1.A point on a hazard profile, length of time
2.The strength of correlation between magnitude and death toll
4.According to this low income countries will have high death tolls and low economic costs, this will be reversed for MDCs
5.Whether or not a county has this will determine the severity of impacts , includes preparedness and responsiveness
6.0-12 subjective qualitative later native to the Richter scale based on what people feel
7.Movement and deformation beneath the earths surface, volcanoes and earthquakes, tsunamis secondary, becomes a hazard when endangers life or property therefore not all events hazardous
10.Share the same mountains according to Wegeners theory
12.A point on a hazard profile, size
14.Share the same biology and climate according to Wegeners theory
16.Fine particals Eyjafjallajokull
19.Deep trench , submarine volcanoes , island arcs
21.The physical impacts of a disaster might be greater than first thought because of these including gas and water pipe breaks and leaks
23.Cone , explosive , pyroclastic ash rock
24.A point on a hazard profile, how regular
25.Those that occur as a direct result of the disaster
28.Central vent in the earths surface through which magma and other explosive materials are released
29.Choosing to live in a hazardous area but at the same time changing to cope
34.Source of information that scored, causes 0 impacts 2 responses 3
35.Basaltic, large , effusive eruptions , central vent , slope one side
37.New basalt in the middle , deep trenches , magnetic rocks
41.E.g Co2 lake Nyos
42.Hot mudfall , Nevado del Ruiz , secondary
43.Forced through the side Mt St Helens
47.Trench , pull apart by convection cells , magma rises cools and hardens
50.An approach to living in hazardous areas if it happens then it happens

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