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Crime/Mystery Films

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  36           37                      
38                       39                  

1.Michael Mann’s bank robbery flick
5.An American and his wife must rescue their son from assassins in London
7.A man with short-term memory loss tries to solve his wife’s murder
9.A Belgian sleuth solves a complicated murder on a snowbound train
13.A nosy journalist thinks his neighbor might be a murderer
14.Criminals each meet their fates in the aftermath of a racetrack robbery
15.Won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Robert Towne in 1978
18.A betrayal and a romance are what lead to a series of murders on a riverboat
19.A Massachusetts bank robber falls in love with a former hostage
21.A private detective tries to solve a murder connected to a blackmail/pornography scandal
22.Based on the most notable novel by Dashiell Hammett
24.A heist/mystery film inspired by “The Killing” and “Kansas City Confidential."
27.A Bay Area librarian learns of a plot to assassinate the Pope
30.Two detectives probe murders of biblical proportions
32.A criminal-turned-actor teams with a private detective to solve a murder
33.A group of people gathered at a country house try to solve a murder
34.Directed by Charles Laughton, starring Robert Mitchum
35.Written by Oliver Stone and directed by Brian DePalma
36.Notorious for using the F word more than 390 times
37.A 2019 LA cop tries to capture robots disguised as humans
38.A doctor accused of murdering his wife is chased after by an FBI agent
39.A former private detective teams with his spunky wife to solve a murder
2.An LA cop probes an infamous killing and falls in love with a suspect
3.A small-town Michigan lawyer defends a soldier on trial for first-degree murder
4.A caper comedy and the first film by Guy Ritchie
5.The survivor of a heist reveals the events that led to the deaths of his partners
6.Agatha Christie tale of a man on trial for murder
8.A man tries to stop a spy ring in London after being accused of murder
10.Based on both a true story and on a 50s TV show about gangsters in Chicago
11.The world’s most famous detective vs. The world’s most infamous serial killer
12.A diamond theft and a series of fixed fights set the tone for this English caper film
16.Thriller based on a play by Patrick Hamilton
17.David Lynch’s noir film about an amnesiac
20.An abbot probes grisly murders at an Italian monastery
23.Based on a novel from James Ellroy’s LA Quartet series
25.A Santa Rosa teen believes her uncle may be a serial killer
26.Three childhood friends must confront each other when the daughter of one of them is murdered
28.A Chinese detective probes the murder of an actress in Honolulu
29.A police procedural flick about an actress’s murder
31.A cartoonist, a reporter, and a detective try to discover the identity of a serial killer

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