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Frankenstein List II

Ms. O'Leary

1 2           3     4
5 6                
7       8  
      10 11                
12                     13    
14 15        
  17 18                    

2.n. formula or elaborate praise
5.adj. strong, impassioned, zealous
9.v. to make a prediction
10.v. to acquire the necessary items
12.n. appearance, especially facial expression
16.n. a tendency to think favorably about something
18.n. the chanting of words believed to have magical power
19.v. to repay, as for service
20.adj. describing one who is abnormally thin
1.n. a depraved, unprincipled or wicked person. unsaveable; rejected by God
3.v. to renounce or surrender
4.adj. unable to become tired
6.n. a substance believed to cure all
7.n. a small amount or sum
8.v. to annoy, make resentful or angry
11.v. to review or give a brief summary
13.n. strong feeling of dislike or scorn;
14.n. a false show of something
15.n. a strong distaste, aversion, or objection
17.n. a descendant or offspring - child, plant or animal

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