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Dear John

Brittany Malone

This puzzle is based on the novel "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks.

1 2       3
  5 6                         7
10 11       12                
15                     16    
  18         19        

2.What did John teach Savannah to do?
6.Author of the book (2 Words)
8.Where did the story take place? (2 Words)
9.What type of cancer does Tim have?
10.Branch of the military
12.What type of autism John's Dad might have?
13.Savannah's college
15.How did John's Dad die? (2 Words)
17.How long does it take John and Savannah to fall in love? (2 Words)
18.Who does John fall in love with?
1.Main male character
2.What is Savannah's college major? (2 Words)
3.What does Tim want John and Savannah to do after his death?
4.What is John's Dads obsession?
5.What did John save in the water?
7.Where do John and Savannah go on their first date? (2 Words)
11.Where is the shelter Savannah goes every Saturday?
14.How many months is John's initial tour of duty?
16.John's Dad cooks makes this every morning
19.Where did John hit Tim?

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