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AS GEOGRAPHY Coastal Systems

Miss Overy

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3.the sheer power of the waves blasting air into the rocks
6.Cliff coastline is at an angle to the sea. This type of coastline forms headlands and bays.
8.the knocking together of rocks, making them smoother and smaller
11.wave with a weak swash, strong backwash and high energy
13.tide with a low range, as sun, moon and earth at right angles.
14.the forward movement of water up the beach
15.the dissolving of rocks such as chalk and limestone
1.the difference between the height of the water at low and high tide.
2.wave with a strong swash, weak backwash
4.When the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave (s) that travel up the river or narrow bay against the direction of the rivers current.
5.expectionally high tide followed by exceptionally low tide caused by sun & moon in alignment
7.cliff coastline is parrallel to the sea. This type of coastline forms coves.
9.the backward movement of water down a beach once a wave has broken
10.the distance of open water over which the wind can blow
12.rocks being picked up by the wave and hurled at the cliff

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