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social studies vocab 3rd period

chloe thayer

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1.a series of laws passed by parliament in 1767 that placed import taxes on certain goods (3 Words)
5.legislation passed by parliament in 1765 that imposed a tax on certain good (2 Words)
10.when colonist fought great Britain for freedom (2 Words)
13.legislature of Great Britain
14.legislation passed by the British parliament that required the colonists to house an feed british soldiers (2 Words)
15.to punish the colonist of Massachusettes for the actions of the patriots (2 Words)
2.document issed by the 2nd continental congress by which the delegates stated their intention to be free from british rule (4 Words)
3.political or economic freedom
4.a order issued by the king George the 3 that moved georgia's southern boundary (3 Words)
6.legislation passed by the parliament in 1764 that imposed a tax on sugar & molasses imported from the west indies (2 Words)
7.a group of what plantation owners called "undesirable people"
8.the colonist who wanted independence from Great Britain
9.the war that took place in north america from 1754-1763 in which the french & their indian allies fought the british for control of the ohio river valley (4 Words)
11.a person who is devoted to a person, group, or idea
12.a group of Georgians who opposed the stamp act (2 Words)

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