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Cooking Terms and Recipes

Mrs Botzman

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3.to turn on appliance ahead of time so that that it will be the right temperature
6.when a liquid is heated to boiling, bubbles constantly rise to the surface and break
8.clear, step-by-step instructions
10.refrigerate food until it is cold
13.foods in a recipeamoun
15.to remove theskin from a vegetable or fruit
16.when a liquid is not hot enough boil, bubbles form around the side of the pan
1.amount the recipe makes or the number of servings
2.to cook food briefly until the surface turns brown
4.what controls to set to bake or cook something on the stove
5.the recipe tells you exactly how much of ingredient you will need
7.to gently combine food so that you do not release air bubbles from the food
9.to combine ingredients in a circular motion
10.to use a knive to cut food into small irregular pieces
11.to rub the food on a grater to make very fine particles
12.chopping until food pieces are as small as possible
14.a thin layer of shortening or cooking spray on a pan so the food does not stick

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