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Phlebotomy Fun!

L. Kephart

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    4 5 6
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          10 11 12
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2.Department of lab a CBC is categorized under.
7.Isolation when patients immune system is in a critical state.
16.Color of tube a Pt/PTT is drawn in?
17.Tube that has no additive.
18.Most important step in Venipuncture?
20.Person to person
22.Abbreviate Complete blood count
23.A lipid panel is drawn in what type tube?
1.What does FSH stand for?
3.Department of lab a urine culture is categorized under.
4.Additive in Light blue tube?
5.Abbreviate Human Innumodeficiency Virus.
6.Quantity Not sufficient
8.How many different diseases can one drop of blood contain?
9.What is another name for a gel barrier tube? Hint:SST
10.What color tube is a CBC drawn in?
11.Additive in gray tube?
12.Most common location to perform venipuncture?
14.Hospital aquired.
15.True or false: If a persons back hurts, its ok to let them stand while performing venipunture.
19.Additive in a Lavender tube?
21.Recommended attempts of venipuncture by same phlebotomist?

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