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Casing Safety for Oil Rigs

Tony "That's No Baloney" Buglione

Installing Casing Tools & Safety Running Casing into the Hole & Safety Running Casing Accessories & Safety Circulating & Cementing Safety

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2.After circulating and conditioning the mud, the casing is c------d
3.when cementing & circulating Use proper equipment inspection techniques to include h----- u----s
5.Casing operations occur periodically throughout the d------g process
7.C----g pipe usually larger in diameter and longer than drill pipe and is used to line the hole
9.Potential hazards of cementing & circulating Being struck by ---h-p------e l---s failing if not secured properly
10.When installing casing Use proper h--- and f--- placement to avoid pinch points, including use of tag lines.
11.S----y D--- S----s are necessary when installing casing accessories
1.Potential hazards of running casing into a hole have hazards are similar to those for d------g a---d or t------g
2.As casing is being run, accessories such as c----a-----s, scratchers, guide shoe, and a float collar are installed and used as needed
3.Specialized casing h------g t---s are necessary to run casing
4.when running casing into the hole, Implement full f--- p--------n program for the casing stabber
6.Use rig floor w---- or other powered equipment to handle heavy casing tools
8.S----s and s-----s are potential material handling hazards in installing casing
12.Potential Hazards: of installing casing is to be caught between t-----s

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