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Language In Literature

Cedric Hardrick

1 2 3
  4   5  
6                         7
11 12                          
      13   14
      15                   16  
17             18       19     20        

6.is a serious speech or piece of writing.
8.helps researchers to properly credit the original information.
9.is similarity of related words, phrases, or clauses.
12.is suggesting of additional meaning for word.
15.is the direct meaning or set of meanings of a word or expression.
17.words formed from initials like exp. for expire.
18.is imitation of sound in words. Ex. Ah ha.
21.are subject of discussion or composition.
22.is work on which another is based or it’s origin.
23.is the accent, inflection, intonation, and speech-sound quality.
24.is a statement with more than one meaning.
25.is a statement, that is copied, patterned, or emulated.
1.is the main character of a story.
2.is the study of word origins.
3.is an act of changing text.
4.is an act or instance of placing close together or side by side.
5.is a group of spectators at a public event; listeners or viewers.
7.is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance.
10.is to be logically consistent.
11.can be a title or heading.
13.is something out of place.
14.is to rephrase and simplify.
16.a form of a question that is asked in order to make a point.
19.is the character in conflict with hero or an opponent.
20.is to induce to believe by appealing to reason; to convince.

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