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EGYPT and SUMER Crossword

1     2    
5 6     7         8
  11   12 13        
            14 15
17                       18        
21                 22    

1.a building for the worship of a god or gods
4.a huge stone structure with a square base and triangular sides; Egyptian rulers were buried here
6.a person who buys or sells goods for profit; a trader
9.a waterway made by humans
12.a person whose job it was to write out copies of contracts and manuscripts
17.an independent city and the surrounding land it controls
18.an area of low, wet land
19.to bring water to land by means of canals
21.a picture used to represent a word or idea
22.money paid to support a government
23.a system of writing using pictures or symbols to represent objects, ideas or sounds
2.a king of ancient Egypt
3.a dead body kept from rotting by being treated with chemicals
5.the belief in more than one god
7.a legal written document between two or more people
8.a small, flat piece of clay used for writing
10.a huge, tower-like temple
11.a writing paper the Egyptians made from water plants
13.a wedge-shaped form of writing used in ancient Sumer
14.dry, sandy land with little or no plant life
15.a grave- usually enclosed in stone or cement
16.an open two-wheeled cart, pulled by horses
20.a wall built along a river or sea to hold back the water from low land

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