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5       6             7  
  8                             9
        10       11  
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28               29  
  30           31

2.Therapists do not leave clients Òhigh and dryÓ
4.Therapy stops when this runs out (besides money)
5.Last resort when clients do not pay
8.Often requires additional training
10.Form of emergency authorization
12.Sought for difficult cases
15.Required before sharing information
21.Therapist accused of Code violates are entitled to (2w)
22.Inappropriately done with treatment clients
25.In lieu of money therapists may
26.Prep clinical data for teaching (-)
27.Therapist facing Code sanctions are often tempted to
28.These persons decide about marriage and divorce
30.Required before recording a client
33.During multiple relationship therapists avoid impaired
34.Accepted by therapists cautiously
1.Sometimes the Code may be in conflict with the
3.Required of professional records
4.Service provided at little or no cost (2w)
6.When a therapist takes advantage
7.Issue described to clients before therapy begins
9.Therapists avoid this with current clients
11.Therapists promote their practices
13.These types of relationships are to be avoided
14.Inappropriate push for behavior change
16.Assures superisee competence
17.Accepting credit for someone elseÕs work
18.Stands up for the public good
19.During informed consent therapists present risks and
20.Assured before apply new therapeutic techniques
23.Life-long professional requirement
24.Money received for a referral
29.Therapist may not withhold these in lieu of payment
31.Supervisors may not do this with supervisees
32.Input sought while designing services

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