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Chapter 17 Study Guide

Mr. Pierce

Alright guys! It is about that time again, TEST TIME! I know you'll do great...IF you've read the chapter, taken your notes, done your periodic table practice, and participated in class. This is one last shot to go through all of your material from this chapter in an effort to study for this test! You can do it!

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3.The only thing that distinguishes one element from another is the __________ of protons in the nucleus.
4.Which element has an atomic number of 6?
7.The 7 horizontal rows of the periodic table are called:
10.The 18 vertical columns of the periodic table:
11.The _________________ model of the atom is the electron cloud model
12.You might think this element was named after Mickey's dog!
14.A certain atom has 26 protons, 26 electrons, and 30 neutrons. The atomic ________ of this atom is 56.
15.Oxygen has six electrons in its outer shell. How many electrons do you predict sulfur, selenium, tellurium, and polonium will have in their outer shell?
16.This scientist proposed that atoms were solid spheres like a billiard ball. First real model of the atom.
18.The subatomic particle flying around the outside of the nucleus at the speed of light.
19.Most of the elements on the periodic table are:
1.This element would taste LOUSY with jelly!
2.Potassium has four energy levels. How many energy levels do you predict calcium, iron, nickel, and zinc will have?
3.The positively charged center of an atom is called the:
5.The subatomic particle with no charge that is in the nucleus.
6.The maximum number of electrons the second energy level can hold is-
7.The atomic number of an element is the number of _____________ in the nucleus.
8.protons, neutrons and electrons are the pieces that make up an atom. These are referred to as-
9.This ancient Greek scientist proposed that there was a piece of a material so small it could not be broken. He named it ‘atomos’.
13.The elements along the stair step are called
17.Group 18 are called the _________ gasses because they won't bond with other elements.

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