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health assessment


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2.a mechanical injury results in hemorrhage into tissues
6.partial-thickness skin erosin with loss of epidermis or also the dermis. Superficial ulcer looks shallow like an abrasion or open blister
7.full-thickness pressure ulcer extending into the subcutaneous tissue and resembling a crater- pressure ulcer level
8.a fiery red, star-shaped marking with a solid circular center
12.deeper depression extending into dermis, irregular shape; may bleed; leaves scar when heals
13.scalding red, moist patches with sharply demarcated borders, some loose scales
14.the "C" in ABC of melanoma- areas of brown, tan, black, blue, red, white, or combination
15.intact skin appears red but unbroken. localized redness in lightly pigmented skin will not blanch- pressure ulcer level
16.scaly, erythematous patch, with silvery scales on top
19.prolonged, intense scratching thickens the skin and produces tightly packed sets of papules, looks like surface of moss
20.red-purple maculopapular blotchy rash
23.a bluish mottled color that signifies decreased perfusion
25.superficial, raised, transient, and erythematous, slightly irregular shape due to edema
26.small, grouped vesicles emerge along route of cutaneous sensory nerve, then pustules, then crusts
30.a large, flat, macular patch covering the scalp or face
31.erythematous papules and vesicles, with weeping, oozing and crusts. lesions
32.The "B" in ABC of melanoma- notching, scalloping, ragged edges, poorly defined margins
34.a bruise you can feel. It elevates the skin and is seen in swelling
40.a purplish patch resulting from extravasation of blood into the skin
41.characterized by their symmetry, small size, smooth borders, and single uniform pigmentation
42.a raised bright red area with well-defined borders about 2-3 cm in diameter
43.an intensely pruritic contagion caused by a mite
45.a hypertrophic scar, the resulting skin level is elevated by excess scar tissue, which is invasive beyond the site of original injury
46.larger than a few cms in diameter, firm or soft, deeper into dermis; may be benign or malignant
47.small, tight vesicles first appear on trunk, then spread to face, arms and legs
1.a fungal infection that first appears as small vesicles between toes, sides of feet, and soles
3.scales- hyperpigmented or, depigmented on chest, abdomen, back of arms forming multiple circular lesions with clear centers
4.encapsulated fluid-filled cavity in dermis or subcutaneous layer, tensely elevating skin
5.full-thickness pressure ulcer involves all skin layers and extends into supporting tissue, exposes muscle, tendon, bone
8.looks dark, greasy, and stuck on. Raised, thickened areas of pigmentation
9.self-inflicted abrasion; superficial; sometimes crusted; scratches from intense itching
10.the resulting skin level is depressed with loss of tissue; a thinning of the epidermis
11.erythematous and symmetric rash, usually generalized
17.caused by vascular dilation; permanently enlarged and dilated blood vessels that are visible on the skin surface
18.the thickened, dried-out exudate left when vesticles/pustules burst or dry up
21.compact, desiccated flakes of skin, dry or greasy, silvery or white
22.solid, elevated, hard or soft, larger than 1 cm
24.a blue-purple dilation of venules and capillaries in a star-shaped, linear, or flaring pattern
27.confluent and extensive patch of petechiae and ecchymoses, red to purple macular hemorrhage
28.half of these lesions arise form preexisting nevi. Usually brown; can be tan, black, pink-red, purple, or mixed pigmentation
29.when the red-pink tones from the oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood are lost, skin takes on the color of connective tissue, white
33.a yellowing of the skin, sclera, and mucous membranes, indicating rising amounts of bilirubin in the blood
35.scooped out but shallow depression. Superficial; epidermis lost; moist but no bleeding
36.linear crack with abrupt edges, extends into dermis, dry or moist
37.after a skin lesion is repaired, normal tissue is lost and replaced with connective tissue
38.moist, thin-roofed vesicles with thin, erythematous base. Rupture to form thick, honey-colored crusts
39.the "A" in ABC of melanoma- not regularly round or oval, two halves of lesion do not look the same

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