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1.Which climate has very wet and dry seasons and is in parts of Florida?
3.Which climate is a treeless region very cold all year long?
6.Wind is heat ________ by convection within the atmosphere.
9.The Space Shuttle and satellites fly in which layer of the atmosphere?
10.Which climate is cold/dry with long, dark winters?
11.What is the name of the atmospheric effect in which the Earth's rotation causes winds to curve?
13.Clouds form when rising air is _________ below its dew point.
15.Most weather occurs in which layer of the atmosphere?
18.Which climate is hot and dry all year long and receives less than 10 inches of rain per year?
20.The temperature of zero on the ___________ scale is the temperature of equal parts ice, water, and salt.
21.The Earth formed from an accumulation of rocks, dust, and _________
23.Today, the Earth's atmosphere is made of of 78% ________.
24.The rocks of Earth preserve _________ that help us understand the Earth's past.
2.Which law states: "Rock at the bottom of an undisturbed exposure is usually the oldest.
4.Tiny particles called condensation ___________ in the air allow clouds to form.
5.____________ organisms developed about 2.2 billion years ago and changed the mixture of gases in our atmosphere.
7.Which climate has warm summers/cool winters with year-round rain and snow?
8.Which climate is characterized by hot/dry summers and cool/wet winters?
12.___________ is the long-term pattern of temperature, humidity, wind, atmospheric pressure, and percipitation.
14.Today, the Earth's atmosphere is made of of 21% ________.
16."The present is the key to the ________"
17.The Earth's rotation causes winds to __________.
19.___________ is the short-term condition of the Earth's atmosphere at a given location.
22.Winds always blow from areas of ________ pressure.

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