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Olympians: Greek and Roman; Weapons; Animals; Other information

J. Cannon

Use your Olympic Pantheon graphic organizer as the word bank to complete this puzzle.

1 2 3
  6       7 8
9       10     11   12       13
15           16     17       18  
  20                   21  
      22         23  
24 25               26         27          
29           30               31
      32                   33    
  34         35                
        36                     37
38   39                
  40       41   42               43       44      
45     46 47     48            
50         51
52           53            
54                 55   56
        57           58
59 60                 61    
    62           63        

4.Her weapon is only a defensive shield
12.This savage, but cowardly god's weapon is a sword
14.Demeter is her mother and Zeus is her father
16.Athena is the goddess of ______________ and battle.
19.Poseidon's animal
20.He can make anyone do things to excess
22.Zeus is the ___________ of the gods and the sky god, too.
25.One of Hermes' animals
29.Hera is the goddess of ___________.
32.He makes the weapons for the gods
34.What you'd sacrifice to Demeter
35.Was friends with Arachne, some say
36.This is what Demeter is the goddess of.
38.Apollo's bird
40.Dionysus' friends
42.Though Artemis is the goddess of maidens and chastity, she's also the goddess of _______________.
44.Artemis' animal
45.Hebe kept her father, Zeus's, full of ambrosia or wine
47.Apollo's animal
49.Her weapon is a bow and arrow
52.Hephaestus is the god of _________ and the forge. He's the gods' blacksmith.
53.Hermes is the god of ___________, travelers and commerce.
54.Hera was always this since her husband was unfaithful
57.Zeus' sister that remained a virgin goddess
60.Hestia is the goddess of home and ____________.
61.Hades' animal
63.Zeus' animal
64.Aphrodite's bird
1.Ares' bird
2.Apollo drives this across the sky to carry the sun
3.Persephone's animals
6.Ares is not only savage, he's also this
8.Apollo is the god of light and __________. He can't tell a lie.
10.Her weapon is mostly her figure or body
13.The relationship between Aphrodite and Hephaestus
18.The thing Athena invented to make her Uncle Poseidon look foolish
21.This is Hephaestus' job for the gods
22.How did Hades get Persephone for his wife?
23.Persephone is the goddess of ______________.
24.She changes seasons when her daughter Persephone goes to Hades
26.Hephaestus' animal
30.A way to characterize Poseidon
39.Symbolizes Athena's wisdom
41.Describes Hades, since he was god of the underworld, he had lots of resources
42.Hermes carries this thing that affects dreams
43.Dionysus is the god of this, as well as wine and the vine
46.Aphrodite is the goddess of ___________ and desire.
48.One of Hera's animals
51.He prefers a "golden blade"
53.Poseidon's weapon
58.His helmet makes you invisible
59.His weapon is a lightning bolt
60.She was best known to use her tongue as her weapon

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