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Kate's PPP 30th Anniversary Quiz

Based around: Kate, 30 and PPP!

Upon completion please submit to Juliet Barry no later than 3pm Monday 30th September 2013. Prize for the winner!! Have fun!!

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1.Complete the name of this popular band, 30 Seconds to .......
4.What is Kate's pet called?
6.How many years has Maria worked in Kate's team?
9.who won her first Oscar at the age of 30, for her role as Fantine? Anne ........?
11.In nineteen ninety .........., Kate set up the Product Review team
12.Who is Kate's current manager?
14.How is a 30th anniversary otherwise known?
17.Which area within PPP did Kate first work in?
18.In which village has Kate stage managed various theatre productions?
2.A popular holiday destination of Kate's
3.Which company did Kate work for prior to PPP?
5.What is Kate's husband called?
6.What is a 30 sided polygon called?
7.Which chef has a TV series titled 30 minute meals?
8.What is Kate's real name?
10.Another very important responsibility of Kate's at PPP
13.Including Kate, how many members are there in her team?
14.What does the third P in PPP stand for?
15.Which Jennifer, married to Ben Affleck starred in the film '13 going on 30'?
16.What is the 30 th element in the periodic table?

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