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The Beautiful Periodic Table

2             3         4  
7 8                          
10                                   11  
    14   15                  
18                               19      
    22   23    
  24 25                                
    29                 30          

2.Although it is not a metal, H is placed in this group as it is so reactive
6.Where the protons and neutrons are found
8.Another word for the mass number
10.Metals that are reactive but still safe enough for you to handle in the lab
13.Positively charged particles in the nucleus of an atom
15.An atom is mostly made up of _______________
16.The atomic structure model used today. It was discovered by the scienctist, Niels Bohr.
18.The most beautiful and intelligent arrangement of patterns know to mankind
21.This tells you the number of protons (it also tells you the number of the electrons in a neutral atom)
25.Ms Summers' favourite thing in the world
27.Particles with no charge in the nucleus of an atom
28.This group of elements do not react as they have a full ouer shell
29.Elements that have properties between those of metals and non-metals
30.The number of the period tells you the number of ________________
1.Most elements in the world are ___________
3.2, 8, 8 is an example of an _________________________
4.A series of metals at the bottom of the periodic table, also called the rare earth metals (even though they aren't rare!)
5.The Russian man who first discovered the basic patterns in the periodic table
7.All the elements in a group have the same number of ________________
9.Negaively charged particles occupying the space around the nucleus of an atom
11.This tells you the number of protons and neutrons added together
12.A very large group containing most of the metals
14.An atom that has lost or gained electrons to become charged is called an___
17.Bromine and Mercury are special because at room temperature they are both _________
19.The rows on the periodic table are called____________
20.A series of metals at the bottom of the periodic table, many of which are radioactive
22.Another word for a semi-metal
23.A group of toxic elements that are used for cleaning because they kill bacteria
24.The electrons in the outermost shell
26.The columns on the periodic table are called___________

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