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Fun Fact

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1.Girl Scout For 13 Years
4.Played On A Cricket Team
6.Met My Wife @ A Club, First Date Broadway Play
8.Moved And Owned 8 Homes In GR
9.Attended Aviation School, Completed Solo Flight, Owned A Plane
11.Met My Husband Rock Climbing, Married In Temple Of Apollo
15.Hiked The Andes Mountain Trail Starting @ 3:00 a.m. To See The Sunrise On Top Of A Mountain
17.Performed @ Carnegie Hall
18.Captain Of My High School Swim Team
19.Can Solve Rubik’s Cube In Under 3 Minutes
21.Took Part In A Hitchhiking Race From Northern Iowa To Grand Rapids With 5 Other People
22.Developed System For Rating NFL and Division 1 College Football Teams
24.Danced Along Costa Del Sol In Spain For 2 Weeks
2.Performed @ The National Holocaust Museum
3.Sang To My Husband @ Our Wedding
5.Involved In Minor Plane Crash
7.Participated In 3 Hour Tug Of War
10.Best Friend And Maid Of Honor At My Wedding Direct Descendent Of General George Custer
12.Jumped Off The Upstairs Bannister Sleep Walking And Broke My Arm
13.Worked For A Gift Wrap Company For 5 Years
14.Drove My Dad's Car Thru A Grocery Store Window @ Age 4
16.During High School Offered Spot On US Track & Field Squad To Compete In Europe
20.Attended Michigan’s Girls’ State Program
23.I Have 4 Kidneys

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