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Science-Skills Unit Vocab

Bryan Phinny

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4.states the goal or purpose of an experiment.
10.the variable in an experiment that is controlled or changed by the experimenter.
11.hand held lens that enlarges the image of an object.
12.area wyhere there aren't many molecules.
13.cylindrical tube used to store substances during labs or for small chemical reactions.
14.assigned to a number to express the method of measurement used.
16.protective layer of cells that controls what goes in and out of a cell.
20.toolused to make accurate volume measurements of liquids.
21.tool used to magnify small objects for easier viewing.
22.a question answered through performing an experiment.
24.thin flat piece of glass that holds objects to be viewed by a microscope.
27.tool used to measure temperature or changes in temperature.
30.act or power of noticing something by using one or more of your senses.
32.hand held device that measures elapsed time.
33.table that organizes data collected during an experiment.
34.the movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
35.educated guess; suggested outcome that is tested during an experiment.
36.electronictool used to heat flat bottomed containers like beakers.
1.pictorial representation of collected data that can show trends, comparisons or other tendencies.
2.the variable being measured in an experiment that changes in response to the independent variable.
3.modern form of the metric system....used in all countries of the world except the US and some caribbean countries.
5.distance beetween 2 points.
6.tool used to measure mass.
7.electronic device used for data collection.
8.tool used to hold, work with, or measure large volumes of liquids.
9.area where there are a lot of molecules.
15.tool used to measure lenght height distance etc.
17.last step in an experiment that explains the expetiments and the results.
18.thee process which water molecules pass through a membrane from an area of high concentrationto an area of low concentration.
19.tool used to measure weight or force of light, objects.
23.group in an experimentthat is not tested that is used for comparison.
25.small round container with a lid that is used to grow microorganisms, cells, or observe other small organisms.
26.anything that can changed or be changed in an experiment.
28.amount of matter in a object.
29.variable in an experiment that must remain the same so it does not affect the results.
31.amount os space an object takes up.

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