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Body Part Crossword Puzzle

Mrs. Annie Kucharski

4 5    
  7         8      
  10           11  
13       14          
17 18  
19           20  

2.The joint between the foot and the leg.
7.Many athletes injure that body part which is at the juncture of the lower abdomen and the inner part of the thigh.
8.You need to use it when you have a question in class.
9.You need it to smell things.
10.The part of your body where your arm is connected.
13.The joint that bends at the middle of your leg.
14.They become red when you are shy.
15.Her ____ are blue-green.
16.They start where your back ends.
19.I need to cut my ____ on my feet. They are too long.
21.The proof that you have been attached to your mother by an umbilical cord.
1.Also known as the baby of a cow.
2.You put deodorant under them.
3.If you have a concussion, you must have hit it.
4.They help you keep your balance.
5.You need them to listen to your teacher in class.
6.If you are bold, it is because you lost much of it.
9.It supports your head.
11.They protect your eyes from dust.
12.The plural of foot.
17.Some women like to wear very high ____.
18.The part of the body that is opposite to the stomach and chest and that goes from the neck to the top of the legs.
20.You use them when you kiss someone.

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