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Classroom Actions

Mrs. Annie Kucharski

Go! Go! Go! Be the 1st one to have all the good answers and win... a price!

2 3     4
5   6            
8     9          
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  15           16
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3.You must ____ the question before answering it.
5.You should ___ ___ at the sound of the bell. (2 Words)
9.If you have a question, you must ___ your hand.
10.The projector is turned off. Can you please ___ it ___? (2 Words)
12.A synonym of pick up.
14.You should ___ ___ your homework home to do it. (2 Words)
15.A synonym of distribute. (2 Words)
17.When the teacher gives notes, you have to ___ ____ your notebook. (2 Words)
19.You have to ___ in teams, in other words cooperate.
20.I love to ____ television.
22.You must ___ ___ your homework on the teacher's desk. (2 Words)
24.A synonym of verify.
25.Could you ___ me and pass out the tests?
26.1 - 2 - 3... ____
27.When you make a mistake, you ___ it and rewrite it.
1.You must ____ your name on the top right corner of the sheet.
2.When you make a mistake, you have to ___ it to have more points.
4.A synonym of make.
5.A synonym of rise. (2 Words)
6.The opposite of turn off. (2 Words)
7.When you ___ ___ your teacher, you know what to do. (2 Words)
8.If you ___ your verbs, you should have a good grade.
11.The opposite of close.
13.At the end of your exam, you should ___ ___ your answers to make sure you only have good answers. (2 Words)
15.Before a test, you have to ___ ___ your books on the floor. (2 Words)
16.We must always ___ notes with Mrs. K.
18.If I ask you a question, you have to ___ me.
21.The opposite of take.
23.When it is too sunny, the teacher might ask you to ___ the shades.
24.When you ___ your eyes, it is dark.

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