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1.(n) four corners of the infield in baseball
5.(v) to come upon by accident
6.(v) voice a deep articulate sound as of pain
7.(v) do use stress to excess or carry too far
9.(v) past participle of show
11.(n) state of atmosphere at a given time and place
12.(n)one authorized to examine materials and suppress objectionable
14.(n) breakfast food made from commercially processed grain
15.(adj) of or relating to a chorus
16.(n) underlying circumstance or condition fundamental ingredient
17.(adj) harness used to restrain or guide a horse
2.(v) past tense and past participle of shine
3.(n) device that receives and responds to a stimulus
4.(v) required a payment of a penalty for an offense
6.(adj) having full growth and mature
8.(adj) coming or arriving after scheduled or expected time
10.(n) rocklike deposit of skeletond secreted by various animals to form reefs or islands in warm seas
11.(conj) used to introduce alternative possibilities
13.(adj) of , forming , or arranged in a series

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