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welding cast iron

Kev Bell

welding course learning resource

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2.A type of test for identifying cast iron
5.Before welding an iron casting it will be necessary to do this to enable the selection of a suitable welding method.
6.The type of filler rod used for full fusion OA welding of cast iron
7.This is needed for OA braze-welding repairs on cast iron
8.This OA welding method can be used successfully to join malleable weld cast iron
1.This type of cast iron is not easy to weld using the OA, full fusion, welding process and will need post weld heat treatment if this process is used.
2.This type of bronze filler rod a good general purpose filler rod which can also be used to join cast iron
3.This type of cast iron can be identified by the dark grey colour of the newly fractured surface
4.This type of bronze filler rod would be a good choice for an OA braze-welding repair on a malleable iron casting.

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