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5.Roman word for Troy
9.Was to be given to the fairest goddess
11.Was chosen by Paris as the fairest
13.Nickname of one of the gods which emphasizes his archery skills
15.Because Paris didn't choose them as the fairest, they wanted the total destruction of Troy
17.Achilles's weakness
18.The amount of time "The Iliad" covers of the Trojan War
22.God who is known for his archery skills
23.Goddess of Discord
24.Where the gods and goddesses gather
29.Tricks one of the Trojan warriors to break the truce with the Greeks and shoots and arrow at Menelaus
31.The length of the Trojan War
32.Causes Achilles to temporarily withdraw from the war
33.Older warrior of the Greeks who likes to tell stories about himself
34.He's a lover not a fighter
35.Brother of Zeus who is commanded to stop interfering in the war
36.Helped raise Achilles and is saddened by Achilles's refusal to help the Greeks
38.Most fierce of the Greeks; dies during the war but not the during the story
39.Wife of Menelaus
1.Comes to the aid of the Greeks to help them defeat the Trojans
2.Where Agamemnon is king
3.Name of Zeus that describes him when he becomes angry
4.Tricks Aphrodite into helping her seduce Zeus
6.Theme of the story wich emphasizes the ephemeral nature of man and his creations
7.Achilles is king of them
8.Best friend of Achilles who is killed by Hector
9.Theme of "The Iliad" in which the characters emerge as worthy or despicable
10.The clever Greek who devises a plan to trick the Trojans
12.Wife of Hector
14.Jilted husband who demands the Greeks fight for the return of his wife
16.Brother of Paris and defender of Troy
19.Sacrificed by her father before the Greek fleet left for Troy
20.Son of Zeus who is killed in the war but is spared having his body desecrated
21.Where Zeus dwells by himself
25.Name of the Greek army
26.Where Menelaus is King
27.Mother of Achilles
28.The prize of Achilles taken away from him by Agamemnon
30.Is employed by Hera to help her trick Zeus
34.King of Troy and father of Hector and Paris
36.Father of Achilles
37.Messenger of Zeus

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