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On Course-2nd Ed. Chapter 5

Susan Horstman

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1.Differences + fear and judgment is a recipe for ______________.
4.The honest communication style of Creators is called _____________.
5.______________ accept "maybe" for fear of getting "no" when they make requests.
6.Senders of a microaggression are often ______________ of their bias.
11.When listening actively, we should avoid making ___________________by asking the person to clarify or expand their message.
14.Listening ___________ means accepting 100% responsibility for receiving the same message the speaker sent.
15.These people know there is a time to be independent and a time to be interdependent.
17.Victims who placate place themselves _________ other people.
18.50% of people use this style of communicating.
19.The antidote for conflict is to replace judgments with _____________.
21.We show respect for cultural differences when we pronounce ___________ correctly.
23.This culture values family and fitting into the group.
2.90% of the message we send is conveyed ______________.
3.Creators express personal responsibility by using I-______________.
7.Creators know the power of saying __________.
8.Creators know they can't reach their goals and dreams alone so they ask for ___________.
9.Microaggressions are brief slights or ___________ to members of minority groups.
10.Honestly expressing opinions and requests is called ____________________.
12.Individualistic cultures value ____________________.
13.Successful students develop mutally ____________ relationships.
16.Creators make requests that are Dated, Achievable, Personal, Positive and ____________.
20.Few people do this well.
22.Creators are people you want in your ___________ group.
24.Ethnocentrism is the belief that they way we do things is better than the way _________ do things.

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