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The American Revolution and Georgia

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  5 6   7
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17               18  

2.Part of Georgia’s chapter of the Sons of Liberty that used violence and threats to resist the Stamp Act
4.System in which people were owned like property
10.Colonist who favored independence
11.Body of U.S. laws that replaced the Articles of Confederation and gave more power to the federal government
16.Strict measures passed by Parliament after the Boston Tea Party. Colonist protested these laws because they placed a military governor over Massachusetts, closed the Boston Harbor and took away land from some of the colonist. Colonist saw this as a violation of their rights
17.Colonist who remained loyal to the British
19.Congress that met in Savannah in 1775 to establish the colony’s Patriot government
20.The first U.S. constitution, it that was eventually thrown out
21.First ten amendments to the US Constitution meant to ensure the rights of US citizens
1.A document formally declaring the colonies’ independence from Great Britain
3.Led colonial forces to defeat the British at Kettle Creek
5.One of the three Georgians who signed the Declaration of Independence, he also helped write the Articles of Confederation and eventually served as the chief executive of the Georgia Assembly during the Revolutionary War
6.Policy by which the British allowed the colonist govern themselves
7.An enslaved African American who won his freedom and some land for his brave service during the Revolutionary War
8.He was the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence and one of three Georgians to sign the document
9.Law passed by Parliament that upset the colonist because it taxed printed materials
12.A frontier woman who helped the patriot cause, She acted as a spy and held Tory officers at musket point until help arrived
13.A resolution that developed because Southern states wanted to count slaves as a part of the population while northern states did not
14.War fought between the British and the French for the control of eastern North America. The British ultimately won, leaving them in control over territory that used to belong to France and Florida.
15.Groups that formed in several colonies that used violence and threats to make sure that the colonist upheld boycotts against the Stamp Act and that no stamps were sold
18.One of the three Georgians who signed the Declaration of Independence, he represented Georgia as an official representative to the Second Continental Congress

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