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Gilgamesh Crossword Puzzle

Tristan Rocha

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3.The moon god. He is also the god of wisdom, astrology, and astronomy.
4.Minor goddess of wine-making and brewing. She is portrayed as young, veiled, beautiful, and wise. She advises Gilgamesh in his quest.
5.The goddess of sex, love, lust, fertility, war, and death. Very temperamental, she can be either nurturing or cruel. One of the most powerful deities in Mesopotamia, she influenced the origins of many other gods.
6.The father and king of the gods, as well as the god of heaven, the sky, and the constellations. It is believed that he had the power to judge criminals and that he created the stars as soldiers who punished the wicked.
8.The sun god. He is the patron of Gilgamesh. He is also the god of law, justice, and salvation.
10.Known as the Breath of God. God of earth, wind, air, storms, and fertility. He was banished to the underworld in his youth, and fathered many underworld-deities. He is not very fond of humankind.
13.A hairy and brawny beast man made by the gods to rein in Gilgamesh, and later becomes his friend.
14.The goddess of death, darkness, and gloom. She is the queen of the underworld, and is the only one who can pass judgement and give laws in her kingdom. She is the sister of Ishtar.
15.Known as Mother Earth or Lady of Birth. She gave birth to the planets and is the ultimate fertility god. The also birthed the gods themselves, and created the first humans from clay.
16.A king and priest of Shurrupak. With the help of Enki, he built a large boat the carried him, his family, and one of every living creature to safety during a great flood sent by Enlil. He was granted immortality for this.
17.The guardian of mysterious "stone-things," he is the ferryman of the dead. He gets fired after encountering Gilgamesh.
1.The god of fresh water, crafts, wisdom, magic, fertility, and civilization. He is a trickster god and a patron of humankind. He is lord of the Apsu, and streams flow from his shoulders. He was the keeper of the divine powers called Me until Ishtar stole them.
2.A fearsome demon or dragon that guards the Cedar Forest forbidden to mortals. He has seven items that paralyze with fear.
4.A temple prostitute who tames Enkidu through seduction. She represents lovemaking, food, alcohol, music, clothing, architecture, agriculture, herding, and ritual.
7.Mother of Gilgamesh, a minor but ancient goddess of fertility, noted for her wisdom.
9.Created by Tiamat, he is the guardian of the mountain Mashu, which Shamash travels through every night.
11.He is portrayed as a solar deity, and also a farming and healing god. He is popular as a clever, thieving god of war. He often appears with a bow and arrow, a sickle sword, or his mace Sharur. He is famous for helping humans and the good of the world.
12.Known as the Great Mother. Goddess of the Primeval Sea, Chaos, "the mother who gave birth to heaven and earth." She gave birth to ancient Titan-like creatures, who in turn gave birth to the four creation gods.

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