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Hon. Biology Vocabulary List D

Alicia Borkman

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1.This structure is the arrangement of multiple folded proteins in a multi-subnit
5.A nonmetallic, chemical element with an atomic number of 6
6.Organic molecules that are required by certain enzymes to carry out catalysis
7.a compound that forms the basic structural unit of nucleus acids
10.To unfold or separate tertiary structures or double-stranded DNA
11.Usually defined as a chemical reaction that involves the loss of a water molecule
12.Transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism
13.A master copy of an organism's genetic information that forms genes
2.Functions in the transfer of energy during catabolism of glucose and is essential to the flow of energy in living cells. An important compound in metabolism
3.complex macromolecules that store cellular information in the form of a code
4.Helps in the formation of DNA and many proteins
8.This type of protein, or family of proteins that assist non-colvalent folding/unfolding and assembling/disassembling
9.This structure of a protein, or any other macromolecule, is defined by its 3D quality through atomic coordinates

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