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Bible Doctrines Ch.1-12


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2.This false inspiration states that the thoughts of Scripture are inspired and not the words.
5.God is all-knowing.
8.God had no beginning and has no ending.
9.God is unchanging.
12.God is everywhere present.
15.Doctrine of man.
17.Doctrine of God.
19.The right for a book to be included in the Bible.
20.God gave this to the writers of Scripture. (2 wrds)
21.The unmerited or unearned favor of God.
23.The number of books in the complete Bible. (hyphenated word)
24.Doctrine of Holy Spirit.
28.God disclosing to man things about Himself.
29.Doctrine of salvation.
30.This false inspiration states that the Bible contains God's word
1.The New Testament was written in this language.
3.Doctrine of the church.
4.About how many human writers wrote the Bible?
6.Doctrine of Christ.
7.God teaching the Christian the truths of God's word.
10.God has no limitation in space.
11.Doctrine of last things. (the future)
13.God is above His creation.
14.Set apart or sanctified.
16.God is close to His creation.grace
18.Who determines canonicity?
22.These books were written between the Old and New Testament and not canonized.
25.This false inspiration states that there is no supernatural element in the the Bible.
26.He wrote the first 5 books of the Bible.
27.The discovery of what great ancient empire helped confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible?

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