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1 2 3       4
6       7        
10   11 12 13          
14           15      
16   17        
18 19               20
21     22   23 24
    25               26     27  
          28     29      
    30 31   32   33     34 35              
  36                   37               38          
  39               40          
41   42 43                
44                   45      
      46 47   48    
  49     50        
51               52   53
54               55            
56               57        

3.We wear them on our feet with shoes
5.An animal we have as a pet
6.7 of these make up a week
7.Smelly thing made from a fire that goes in the air
8.We have these in our class to help us learn
10.You wear it on your head
13.David Beckham plays this sport
14.4.33 weeks make this up
15.365 days or 52 weeks
17.Similar to pants but made of blue denim
19.A pretty item on a wall that we look at.
25.The time of day we get out of bed
29.It falls from the sky on a wet day
31.We used this to close the front door of our home so nobody can get in.
35.We do this everyday using our feet.
36.A place to go and eat with friends
37.What we do when we go in a pool
38.We wear it on our head on a motorbike
39.You wear it when you go to badminton with a t-shirt
40.The name of the city we live in.
43.Most popular form of transport in Vietnam
44.Country with Kangaroos
45.A food item we eat every day
47.We write on this in class with a pen or pencil
49.Every class has one to help up learn
51.We might eat dinner on this at a restaurant
54.This is what we wear to school.
55.We use these to walk up and down in a building
56.The country we live in
57.A fierce animal that lives in a jungle
1.Where we sleep
2.sound that is made by a guitar or piano
4.We wear them on our feet
5.We use this at school to write on
8.Colour of the board in class
9.Color of trees and grass
11.We tell this from looking at a clock
12.60 seconds makes this.
13.Some people have a brother or a _______ in their family
16.We carry our books to school in this item
18.The place we put our clothes until we need to wear them
20.What we do when we are thirsty
21.We look out these when we are in the classroom
22.A rainbow has 7 of them
23.Country with the capital city of Paris
24.Used to keep us cool at home or in class
26.The time of day we eat dinner and go to bed
27.You might wear this on a cold day to stay warm
28.A game played in class where you have to guess the word
30.The city in the USA where the President lives
32.We drive them on the road
33.The time of day we go home from school and eat lunch
34.An electronic device used to play games and do school work
41.A game played in Vietnam
42.Some people use these to read better
46.A place we might go to when we need to buy food to cook
48.We wear these to bed
50.A place where they show movies
52.It has buttons and you wear it with pants.
53.We drink this. It comes out of a tap

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