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Storeroom and Purchasing

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4.when a purveyor pays a set amount for a product, then takes the deliveries on that product over an extended period of time, the price stays locked in.
6.Growth Hormone
10.one stop shopping where everything is ordered by one purveyor
11.a set amount is extablished by the restaurant through one P.O. , then the purveryor fills multiple orders over a period of time.
13.is when you see one cheap item from a purveyor and place an order.
14.when oxygen and moisture are removed to hinder bacteria and microorganisms from growing
15.when water is removed(soups, coffee, spices)
18.the study of what is right and wrong
19.are suppliers: the company that sells products services
21.the minimum amount of product needed in the building
23.when radiation is used to treat food to kill microorganisms
25.high sunshine , low humidity
27.when you compare all prices of what you need from at least 2 vendors and then pick and place the order
28.food that is manipulated
29.producing plants that are more resistant to disease and are larger(genetically engineered)
30.food that is heated to destroy microorganisms then sealed tight
31.MAP - when air is removed in vacuum packing but gas is also put in meats
1.when larger oranizations inform purveors of their long term needs and specs
2.when most items are purchased from one purveyor , with a low price quoted, plus a profit amount charged
3.farming fish in controlled nvironments
5.how long does it take to get the delivery one the order is placed.
7.is matching the specific characteristics of a product.
8.trading needs for services
9.the amount of time that an item can last and still be considered fresh
12.moisture is taken out of food so that microorganisms can't grow
16.Growth Hormone
17.kills bacteria when smoke penetrates the skin of a food item.
20.when the purveyor comes in and rotates your stock and gives you what you need
22.the actual act of purchasing and paying for goods and services
24.extra amount to order just in case
26.growing plants using light, water and spongelike material

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