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3.v. to pay no attention to somebody or something
5.phr. in addition to something or somebody else
9.n. careful thought, or ideas about a particular subject
11.phr. to put on a piece of clothing to see how it looks
12.v. to record, show, or describe a situation or feeling using words or images
13.n. one part of a situation, idea, plan, etc. that has many parts
16.phr. milk and other foods that are made from milk such as butter and cheese
19.a. having bright colors or many different colors
21.n. what consists of one's character and feelings
22.n. the top of a mountain
23.v. to emphasize a point or problem and make a person think about it
25.n. someone who stands near somebody or something in order to protect them
27.a. slightly worried and embarrassed
28.a. old and damaged, especially because something has been used a lot
31.v. to say that something or somebody is good, or suggest them for a particular purpose or job
33.n. the way that a person or animal acts
34.a. very surprising, enjoyable
35.n. what is happening in a particular place at a particular time
1.phr. to fill or cover a particular amount of something
2.phr. to have fun
4.n. goods that are sold and sent to another country
6.a. free from dirt or unwanted marks
7.n. the most basic and important quality of st, or the basic feeling related to it
8.n. an official home of a king, queen, or president
10.a. a part of the typical culture or habits of a country or group of people
14.n. the act of remaining silent and calm
15.phr. to be certain to happen
17.ad. very or extremely
18.n. great interest that is shown in somebody or something
20.a. unusually special
24.n. a social or religious event where a traditional action is performed in a formal way
26.v. not to do anything active
29.a. connected with a king, queen, emperor, or their family
30.v. to be a sign of symbol of something
32.n. a member of a religious group that lives apart from other people

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