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2   3 4
    5                     6
      7   8  
9           10     11      
15 16                  
  17                 18          

5.A part ownership in a business (11)
9.A sum paid on money lent (8)
12.The type of tax on company profits (11)
13.The chance of loss (4)
14.The level of output where revenues just equal costs (niether a profit or loss is being made) (5)-(4) (5)
15.Long term loans normally of between 5 and 25 years (5)
17.The money flowing into and out of the business (4) (4)
18.Could be buildings, other businesses, land or equipment (6)
19.The interest on shares (9)
20.The monetary value of a business (6)
21.Quantity sold times the average price (8)
1.The amount gained when the selling price exceeds the cost of something (6)
2.Sale on trust, allowing time for payment (6)
3.An allowance (5)
4.Graph showing total revenue, total costs and allowing the break-even line to be drawn ((5)-(4) (5)
6.Costs which do not vary with the amount produced (5) (5)
7.Costs which change directly with the number of products made (8) (5)
8.The number of sales above the break-even point (6) (2) (6)
10.Where shares are bought and sold (5) (8)
11.Money affairs (8)
16.Drawing more money from a bank than you actually have in your current account (9)

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