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1 2
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6.movement of weathered materials from one location to another by agents such as water, wind, glaciers, and gravity
9.soil located above its parent material (2 Words)
11.Erosion that occurs when a rill channel widens and deepens (2 Words)
12.Erosion in which water running down the side of a slope carves a small stream channel (2 Words)
14.occurs when sediments acid laid down on the ground or sink to the bottom of a body of water; final stage of the erosional process in which the movement of transported materials slows and they are dropped in another location
15.process by which rocks and minerals undergo changes in their composition due to chemical reactions with agents such as acids, water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide (2 Words)
16.chemical reaction of oxygen with other substances
1.mechanical weathering process in which outer rocks layers are stripped away, often resulting in dome-shaped formations
2.process that breads down rocks and minerals into smaller pieces but does not involve any change in their composition (2 Words)
3.mechanical weathering process that occurs when repeatedly freezes and thaws in the crack of rocks often resulting in rocks splitting (2 Words)
4.chemical reaction of water with other substances
5.chemical or mechanical process that breaks down and changes rocks on or near earths surface and whose rate is influenced by factors such as precipitation and temperature
7.Soil that has been moved to a location away from parent bedrock (2 Words)
8.is the vertical sequence of soil layers (2 Words)
10.a distinct layer or zone, within a soil profile (2 Words)
13.is the loose covering of broken rock particles and decaying organic matter

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