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Test 3 Review: Confed. Compromise Const.

Mr. Kane

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1.this called for a bicameral legislature with representation of the Senate being equal from each state; while the House's representation was based upon the population of each state.
4.It was not until the Constitution passed that this office was created... think executive branch.
5.Delegates from each state met at this to revise the Articles of Confederation... they wound up creating the Constitution.
8.In order to pass this, a 2/3 majoity vote in Congress is needed and 3/4 of the States must pass it as well.
9.A government that is rules through their elected leaders/representatives is called a?
10.The length of the Presidents term is how many years.
11.This group supported a weaker central government, with a stronger state government; because of this they would also support the Articles of Confederation over the Constitution, and the creation of the Bill of Rights.
13.Baron de Montesquieu proclaimed a Separation of Powers so that no one branch of Government be dominant over another, to ensure this the 3 branches must be able to have these.
18.This group must approve of the presidents choices for the secretary of state, Supreme Court justices, cabinet members, and ambassadors to foreign nations.(all of these are checks too!!!)
23.To equalize representation in the house for southern states, this was created to count 3 out of 5 slaves in the population census for congressional representation.
24.This group supported a stronger central governemt over smaller state government.
25.This called for the creation of a unicameral legislature with equal representation from each state
27.A 1 house legislature with equal votes per states, Making Treaties, Declaring War, and borrowing money from foreign nations were all powers given to the government through this.
28.This was created by Antifederalists and added to Constitution to protect personal liberties.
2.In order to elect our president, all states will vote on popular sovereignty, and then send their votes to this group to elect the president.
3.Articles 1, 2, & 3 create the 3 branches of government which are called what?
6.This happened when debt ridden farmers land was reposed by Massachusetts, which helped political leaders agree that the nation needed a stronger central government.
7.unicameral legislatures have how many houses?
12.Put out by the Federalists, the main puropse of this was to persuade people to sign and ratify the Consitution.
14.In 1787 this was established/created for the process of how territories and states would be made and admitted into the Union
15.To do this... or pass the Consitution there needed to be 9 out of 13 States agree to it.
16.Not being able to levy or collect taxes, no national money system or regulation between states, no executive branch, and a small central government were all _____ of the Articles of Confederation.
17.In 1785 during the Articles of Confederation, this law was established as a plan to survey western lands for the purpose of selling them.
19.Under the Consitution of the US, Congress is forbidden to establish this.
20.Freedom of speech, press, religion, protest, and right to gather are all part of this?
21.This person is the president of the Senate (who only votes if there is a tie,) and also the person who got the second highest amount of Presidential votes in an election (untill 1804.)
22.This called for the creation of a bicameral legislature with representation of from each state depending upon population.
26.Overriding a Presidents ____, would require a 2/3 majority vote in both houses of Congress.

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