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1.Type of weathering that describes
5.Fine-grained igneous rocks that cools quickly on Earth's surface.
8.The process whereby some minerals melt at low temperatures while other minerals remain solid. (2 Words)
9.The repeated thawing and freezing of water in the cracks of rocks
11.The chemical reaction of oxygen with other with other substances.
12.The reaction of water with other substances.
2.The process by which rocks and minerals undergo changes in their composition as the result of chemical reaction. (2 Words)
3.Magma that flows out onto Earth's surface.
4.The process by which rocks on or near Earth's surface break down and change
6.The process by which outer rock layers are stripped up
7.Come from the Latin word "ignis" which means fire. They are formed from the crystallization of magma. (2 Words)
10.Coarse-grained igneous rocks that cools slowly beneath Earth's surface.

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