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2.this rock has a porphyritic texture which is characterized by large well formed crystals surrounded by finer grained crystals of the same mineral or different minerals
5.rocks such as gabbro are dark colored have lower silica contents and are rich in iron and magnesium
10.illustrates this relationship between cooling magma and mineral formation (3 Words)
11.is magma that flows out onto earth surface
12.fine grained igneous rocks that cool quickly on earth surface are called extrusive igneous rocks
1.the process wherein different minerals form at different temperatures is called (2 Words)
3.veins of extremely large grind minerals such as the one are called pegmatites
4.rocks such as granite are light colored have high silica contents and contain quartz and the feldspars orthoclase and plagioclase
6.are formed from the crystallization of magma (2 Words)
7.diamond is a valuable mineral found in rare ultramafic rocks known as klimberlites
8.the process whereby some minerals melt at low temperatures while other minerals remain solid is called oartial melting (2 Words)
9.coarse grained igneous rocks that cool slowly beneath earth surface are called intrusive igneous rocks

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