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Biology Chapter 14

Paul Rose

Habitat, Niche, Symbiosis, Population density and distribution, Growth Patterns, Succession

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2.close ecological relationship between two organisms of different species
8.relationship where both organisms benefit
9.______________ growth - S-shaped, slow growth, exponential growth, then leveling off
14.population ____________ - way in which organisms are spread in an area
15.two organisms fight for the same resources
17.population ____________ - number of individuals living in a defined space
19.______________ growth - J- shaped, population size increases dramatically over time
20.carrying _______________ - maximum number of organisms an area can support
21.movement of individuals out of a population
22.all the factors an organism needs to survive
23.one organism captures and eats another
24.ecological ______________ - species in similar niches but different geographical locations
25.density ___________________ - are affected by the number of individuals
1._______________ succession - damaged area was previously uninhabitated
3._______________ succession - damaged area where soil was left intact
4.all the biotic and abiotic factors in the area where an organism lives
5.one organism benefits, the other is harmed
6.______________ species - first organisms that live in a previously uninhabited area
7.competitive _____________ - two species competing for the same niche
10.one organism benefits, the other is unaffected
11.density ___________________ - not affected by the number of individuals
12._____________ factor - factor that has the biggest effect in keeping a populatio`n down
13.survivorship _____________ - diagram showing the number of surviving members over time
16.movement of individuals into a population
18.sequence of biotic changes that regenerate a damaged community

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