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SAT words

Jyaire Carr

Math words for the SAT.

1   2             3          
  5 6  
      7             8
      10   11          
12   13          
18       19              

1.used to find the distance (2 Words)
4.Numbers like 1,2,3,4
7.Result of multiplication
9.A number that doesnt have a remainder when it is divided into another number
10.Any number greater than zero
15.It is used to find the missing length of a right triangle. (2 Words)
17.When the line crosses the y- axis (2 Words)
18.First, Outside, Inner, Last
19.Any number that is divided and does not have a remainder.
1.The result of subtraction
2.The result of addition
3.The ordwer that an equation is solved. (3 Words)
5.Used to find the mid point (2 Words)
6.The solutions to an equation (4 Words)
8.A line that touches the circle and is perpendicular to the radius.
11.Used to find the equation of a line (2 Words)
12.Rise over run (2 Words)
13.What is left over after division
14.The result of division
16.Any number less than zero

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