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Cell Membranes Crossword


1 2           3      
4                   5            
    6       7
    10               11    
  13 14                              
  16                       17        
18   19                         20  

2.A cell thats only attached to one wall of an bilayer
4.A representation of the bilayer surrounding an animal cell (3 Words)
6.Energy generated during cell resperation
9.A fatty substance used to lubricate the cell membrane in a cold area
10.The process of a substance gaining entry to a cell without passing through the membrane
14.The movement of molecules across a cells membrane that requires energy (2 Words)
16.Used in delivering substances across the cell membrane (2 Words)
18.Used in delivering substances through the cell membrane (2 Words)
22.The main substance makeing up a cell membrane bilayer
23.The fusion of a cells outer membrane and a membrane bound sphere
24.The messure of whether an area from hot to cold
1.A string of carbohydrates attached to a lipid
2.The outer shell of all plant and animal cells (2 Words)
3.A cell containing membrane bound organelles
5.The gradual change of solutes in a solution from a high amount to low (2 Words)
7.The spreading out of a high concentration of molecules outwards to separate around an open area
8.A string of carohydrates attached to a protien
11.the space covering the outside of an object (2 Words)
12.The desire to be away from water
13.The area outside of a cell membrane
15.The desire to get closer to water
17.The way a body naturaly repels hostile invaders (2 Words)
19.A recognisable molecule used to distinguish what counts as SELF
20.The movement of water from a high concentration to a low concentration
21.A double layer of titghtly packed molecules

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